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A Gentle Introduction to MPI

Author(s): These videos were created by CSC under PRACE 1IP.

This mini-course is a gentle introduction to MPI and is composed of three videos. The first video provides a basic introduction to parallel programming concepts such as task/data parallelism, introduction to parallel programming concepts (parallel scaling, Amdahl's law amongst others) and distinguishes between shared memmory and distributed memmory systems and the programming models that can be used for each.
Please watch the first video by following this link.
The second video introduces viewers to their first program in MPI where the initialisation of an MPI program and the way processing units can pass messages between them is presented.
Please watch the second video by following this link.
The third video presents the most important features of MPI. Although the MPI standard is composed of some 120 functions, a very small number of these are presented - which in general allow one to write a good parallel program.
Please watch the third video by following this link.  

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